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Website Development at ATUM

Experienced team of designers and developers
24/7 Customer Support team that will assist you from the beginning to the conclusion of the processs

Solution to your every needs

We can deliver on any request by our clients, whether it has to do with design or even developing security measure for your website.

Easily use, easily customized

Easy to use CMS, customized to suit your needs.

Multi-devices Compatible

We make sure that customer experience with your website is unified on all devices. Especially their experience on mobile devices.

Smart Website Development

Turn your website into a smart platform, saving time and resources through leveraging CRM best practices, Email Automation, Chatbot.

Optimized for Speed and Smoothness

Not stopping at visual factor, ATUM always place great importance on the speed and smoothness of using websites. We do this through extensive technical know-how, optimizing website code and structure for the best experience.

Multiple language websites

ATUM also develops multi-language websites targeting international customer bases.

Profile Website

  • Web Profile
  • Team members profile
  • Blog


  • Traditional eCommerce website
  • Service eCommerce website
  • Educational products website
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Email Automation
  • Chatbot

Premium Website

  • We are always excited for personalized and deeply specialized projects, all according to our clients need.

Landing Page

  • Single product page
  • Service page
  • Educational course page
  • Personalized page
  • Landing page for marketing campaigns

Design Process


Wireframe is an initial sketch of your website structure to help visualization User Flow is the map of the Customer’s Journey from discovering your website (through different entry points) to their final action
Be at ease that ATUM will discuss and list out in details all the materials you need to prepare.
Concept is your main colors, your main idea, the main theme throughout your website (is it fun, serious, interactive…etc…) Style is composed of Color Style, Text Style, and Element Style
After our warranty period, you can apply for our long-term maintainance service. Alternatively, extra cost will be required depending on the type and amount of work.
ATUM will provide client with an Owner’s Manual, filled with instructions on how to operate your website and how to fix common problems should they appear.
We will always be ready to listen and help you along the way.
However, after the project has been completed and the website handed-over to client control, ATUM will have to regretfully decline further direct involvement.